3 Ways Baby Dance Can Increase Your Child’s Emotional Maturity

Enrolling a baby or toddler in a dance class can help develop their gross motor skills while introducing them to the basics of rhythm and music. However, there is also another benefit that some parents overlook. Regular dance classes can also help your baby or toddler develop greater emotional maturity, which can help reduce power struggles and tantrums at home while helping your child learn to build healthy relationships with peers and adults.  

An Outlet for Self-Expression 

Babies experience a wide range of emotions. During the first year of life, your child will develop happiness, anger, and fear as they gain memories and develop expectations. While your baby is developing these emotions, they may not have a way to express how they are feeling. The language they will need to express their emotions will develop much later than the emotions themselves. 

At dance class, your baby or toddler can learn to jump for joy, to stomp when they are angry, and to cover their face when they are afraid. This can develop into a language between you and your baby. It can also give them an outlet for their emotions, which can prevent frustration from building up in your child. 

Increased Self-Awareness 

Often, your child will not be aware of what they are feeling until they are feeling it so intensely that they cannot control it. Dance allows babies and toddlers to explore emotion, so they can begin to recognize how emotions feel even when they are not strong or urgent. This exploration can help your child become aware of what they are feeling earlier, allowing them time to express their emotions before they end in a meltdown. 

Increased Awareness of Others 

At dance class, your child will have the opportunity to see how other children their age and adults interpret emotions and movement. They will learn about physical space, personal boundaries, and healthy ways to interact and touch with others. Much of this will be done through mirroring and imitation, which babies and toddlers enjoy. This can help your toddler, who is working on building empathy for others, learn to correctly identify how others are feeling. This can help them in social interactions in the future. 

Enrolling your baby or toddler in a dance class can have many benefits for you and them. Among the physical and social benefits, the development of a healthy understanding of emotions can last your child their entire life.  

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