3 Ways to Encourage Your Homeschooled Child to Make Friends Via Dance Classes

Homeschooling your child is a great way to advance them in their studies and give them a safe environment where they can feel comfortable learning at their own pace. If you are worried about your child making friends, you can find ways to place them with other children with various activities. Dance lessons are a great way to encourage lasting and fun friendships that your young one can enjoy whether they are still in grade school or advancing into their high-school years. Here are three ways dance sessions can boost your child's ability to make friends. 


Dance is often a talent that cannot be learned entirely alone, and that means your child will have to interact with their peers during class in order to achieve perfect rhythm and learn a routine. In training closely with other students, your child will be placed in a perfect situation to learn common interests with others and get to know their peers during warm-ups and change-outs at the end of the day. Before long, the classmates may form a bond strong enough to take outside the dance studio.

Year-round studies

Unlike traditional classes that only go partway through the year, your dance student can enjoy taking dance sessions all year long, taking summer and fall sessions to keep their talent fresh. Friends they make during lessons can grow with them and allow them to have social access while they stay physically active and build confidence in their body. Choose a dance studio that offers lessons year-round. Your child may enjoy having people they can hang out with as much as they enjoy partaking in a dance form they love.

Community involvement

A dance studio that does community performances allows your homeschooled child to get involved in their community when they otherwise might feel isolated. Your child can make new friends when they travel with the dance studio and perform around the state, forming amazing memories and keeping in touch with people via social media and other outlets from home.

Just because your child receives their education at home doesn't mean they don't have to have access to other kids their own age. Giving your kid access to dance lessons not only teaches them a skill that builds confidence and keeps them physically fit but also allows them to grow socially. Consider enrolling your child in a trial dance class to see whether this type of socialization will work for their personality and needs.